About ANF

As an organization dedicated to alleviating poverty for Nicaragua’s most vulnerable for over 25 years, ANF has benefited millions of Nicaraguans by building over 20,000 homes, 10,470 sanitation facilities, 150 school classrooms and 148 water wells as well as improving the health of more than 3,000 extremely malnourished children and donating more than 293.7 million meals.



Our Approach

We fully recognize that poverty is complex and multi-faceted, as such, combatting it requires dynamic and integrated solutions.

ANF takes a holistic approach to poverty alleviation, working across the relief-development spectrum in the areas of humanitarian aid, housing, healthcare, nutrition, education, agriculture, water and sanitation.

The vast majority of our ANF’s work is built on a partnership model. Our local partners are essential to our mission because they allow us to reach Nicaragua's poorest communities in remote areas, build relationships with those who we serve, and deepen our impact. Our distribution network of more than 700 local partner organizations throughout Nicaragua includes schools, clinics, social service centers, religious institutions, NGO's, and community-based organizations.



Our mission is to acquire directly or through strategic partners the necessary resources to contribute substantially and sustainably with the objective of reducing the impact of poverty in the lives of the most vulnerable population in Nicaragua; providing, without a profit, these resources to their beneficiaries, in an efficient, effective and transparent manner, with the assistance of a network of local partners.


We envision a Nicaragua with greater opportunities, self-sufficiency and dignity for the poorest sectors of the population.



  • God
  • Solidarity
  • Generosity
  • Honesty
  • Trustworthiness
  • Responsibility



ANF is founded

To mitigate the effects of poverty in Nicaragua F Alfredo Pellas Jr, Theresita Pellas and Fr. León Pallais S.J. established ANF in the USA as a 501(c) 3 registered non-profit organization focused on humanitarian aid, health, agriculture and education.


Food for the Poor


ANF established a strategic alliance with Food for the Poor, a non-profit organization which became ANF’s main donor.


Hurricane Mitch


Hurracane Mitch devastates the western coast of Nicaragua and ANF’s housing program is born with the construction of 263 homes for disaster-stricken families.


Aid is doubled


In response to the catastrophe brought on by Hurricane Mitch, the organization experiences tremendous growth as donations doubled in regard to previous years, distributing 273 containers valued at $53 million dollars.


Water and Sanitation Program

ANF’s water and sanitation program is created which aims to provide access to clean drinking water and implement sanitary solutions.


Agriculture Program


Agriculture becomes a priority area for ANF after establishing a strategic alliance with Taiwan ICDF with the objective to help rural families get out of the cycle of poverty.


Food for Education


ANF, Fabretto's Children Foundation and Food For The Poor are chosen to implement USDA's Food for Education Program in Nicaragua, which feeds 70,000 students on a daily basis for 3 consecutive years.


Agricultural Training Center


ANF assumes leadership of the Agricultural Training Center (CEA by its Spanish acronym) with the objective of transfering low-cost technology and helping small-scale farmers reach their potential.


25 Years


ANF celebrated twenty-five years of serving Nicaragua’s most vulnerable communities; investing a total of $49.6 million in programs and distributing 7,224 ocean-freight containers valued at $1.98 billion since 1992.