Nicaragua is highly vulnerable to natural disasters both in the frequency of events as in the variety of sources that cause them. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides and floods have affected Nicaragua leaving behind tremendous destruction, losses and sadness.

The Objective

Our support during these disasters that usually affect the whole country, focuses on the immediate delivery of basic goods to alleviate the effects on the lives of the affected population. We also serve social service organizations and nutritional rehabilitation centers that support other vulnerable communities.

Our Approach

We provide immediate aid to disaster stricken families by delivering food, clothing, and basic goods in affected areas around the whole country. We also provide local organizations who serve particularly vulnerable groups with mobility assistive devices, food, medicine, clothes, and therapeutic equipment. ANF also supports nutritional rehabilitation centers dedicated to combatting malnutrition by providing them with vitamin-fortified cereals, milk, diagnostic equipment, and much-needed furniture.

The Results

With natural disasters like Hurricane Mitch in 1998 and Hurricane Felix in 2007, ANF was able to support displaced families by building 631 new homes and distributing 273 ocean freight containers with medicine, food, and basic goods. When tropical storm Nate affected Nicaragua in 2017, 1,360 packages with basic goods were delivered, benefiting more than 775 families.


What have we achieved?


Nicaragua Crisis Fund 2018

$61, 613 in cash donations received to support apolitical humanitarian organizations who served those indirectly affected by the crisis


Spotlight Stories


Flor de María

Flor de María Martínez and her family of 11 were dealing with food scarcity as along with the families in the community of El Marañonal, Ciudad Sandino. Flor de María received food aid from ANF which helped her feed her family for a couple of weeks.



Mariela Toledo lives with her husband and four children in the community of La Santísima Trinidad #2 in Malacatoya, Granada. In 2018, Strom Nate impacted Nicaragua leaving tremendous damage and thousands of families without a home. Thanks to the support of ANF and the collaboration of other organizations, Mariela and 250 families received an emergency kit of basic goods.  


Casa Hogar CEB

Casa Hogar CEB supports girls who are at risk of violence, abuse, and abandonment in their homes or communities. The crisis in Nicaragua during the year 2018, affected the center with food scarcity and almost forced them to close their doors. ANF was able to contribute with food donations that helped to cover the center’s needs.


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