We help Nicaraguans in dire circumstances of poverty to improve their access to quality healthcare and nutrition.

The Objective

We seek to help Nicaraguan’s in extreme poverty situations by raising awareness on disease prevention and healthier lifestyles, improving health education, distributing medical equipment, and bringing access to quality health and nutrition services.

Our Approach

Thanks to our local partners, we distribute much-needed medicine, supplies, and medical equipment to a network of health centers including primary care centers, dispensaries, rural clinics, public hospitals, specialized care centers for cancer patients, and psychiatric care units across the country. We support nutritional recovery programs, provide health education to students and enhance the mobility of people with disabilities.

The Results

Since 1992, ANF has distributed 1,558 ocean freight containers with medicine, medical equipment and supplies, more than 3,000 malnourished children aided in order to improve their health, and 2,671 containers with vitamin-fortified nutrient-rich food.


What have we achieved in 2018?


30,309 children

received deworming treatment

116 health centers

supported by medical treatment

+1,400 individuals

with mobility disabilities received specialized equipment, 914 of which received new wheelchairs.

+12,200 students

taught through our outreach campaigns about health-related issues, such as healthy lifestyles, nutrition, and environmental issues


Spotlight Stories


Roberto Clemente Clinic

With ANF’s support the Roberto Clemente Clinic of Tola has developed a project called “Diabetes Club” to improve the quality of life for diabetic patients through glucose monitoring and nutritional education to achieve healthier lifestyles. The majority of our beneficiaries have improved their glucose levels and are in a better health state.



Memito, a teenager from Chinandega, has a lifelong physical condition which limits his mobility. He received a new wheelchair through ANF’s health program, which has made attending school easier and more comfortable for him. He can continue to excel at his favorite subjects and enjoy spending time with his classmates.



Germán has suffered from diabetes for many years but he was able to regain his health after joining the Diabetes Prevention Program in Tola implemented with ANF’s support and St. Stephen’s Foundation. He was able to improve his HbA1c controls from 11% to less than 6% thanks to the program’s constant glucose monitoring and nutritional education.


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