Agriculture has become a priority area for us by which we help impoverished farmers achieve food security and sustained economic growth.

The Objective

We promote sustainable agricultural practices that provide food security and improve the income of impoverished rural families by providing them with agricultural inputs, training and technical assistance while contributing to the conservation of ecosystems.

Our Approach

Our team of dedicated agriculture experts have developed proven methods to help impoverished farmers achieve food security and sustained economic growth. We offer training and technical assistance to smallholders farmers in some of the poorest areas in the country.

Most of our initiatives are supported by partnership with local organizations and government entities to ensure greater outreach and sustainability. Our technical team accompanies smallholder farmers in the learning and adoption of new technologies to increase production and income.

The Results

ANF has provided over 1,500 bean farmers and 390 beekeepers with technical assistance and training. 2,390 families benefited from fruit and reforestation initiatives, 28 greenhouses established, impacting more than 200 small-holder farmers and 1,900 from small-scale animal farming programs over the years.


What have we achieved in 2018?


211 families

benefited with biodigesters

468 families

benefited from agricultural initiatives

195 families

supported with the production of high-value fruits and links to formal buyers

170 bean farmers

supported with inputs, training and technical assistance


Spotlight Stories



Luisa lives in La Bujona de Panali a community in Nueva Segovia, is a single mother and grandmother. As a beneficiary of our Growing Hope Project, Luisa has planted half a manzana of cacao and half a manzana of beans. This project has improved her family’s food security and increased her crop productivity and income.  


José Félix

José Félix is a small-scale bean farmer who lives in San Jacinto León. Since 2014, ANF has provided him technical assistance to improve the productivity of his crops. José is very thankful for the training and support he has received because he is now harvesting 3 times more beans and corn per acre.



Carlos and his family live in the community of San Jacinto, León in a small house located on the slopes of the Telica Volcano. For years, the lack of resources to produce crops caused Carlos and his family to endure large periods of food scarcity. Today, thanks to ANF’s and Polaris Energy’s bean project, Carlos, has managed to pay his debts, feed his family, and sell some beans.


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