Our housing projects are targeted at poor rural families in highly vulnerable situations that are living under $2 a day.

The Objective

We aim to reduce the housing deficit in the country by building dignified houses for Nicaragua's poor, especially in remote and disaster-prone areas. We work in alliance with government entities, development banks, local organizations, and communities to ensure cost-effectiveness, ownership and sustainability.

Our Approach

We believe that it is essential to provide the conditions where life and human dignity are enhanced, therefore housing is the focal point from which we help poor communities build new lives.

The Results

Since 1998, ANF has built 21,700 new houses benefiting more than 111,300 people.


What have we achieved in 2018?


820 new houses

built with ANF's support, benefiting approximately 5,000 people

614 solar panels

installed in rural households

182 eco-stoves

installed to reduce wood consumption

5 community centers



Spotlight Stories



Soraly is one of the 37 families that received a 2-bedroom house equipped with a bathroom and clean water system through the project “Construction of decent homes for Leoneses 2018”. Her former home for 11 years was made of old rusted zinc sheets and wood.



Audalis is a single mother of 4 children who lived in dire conditions in a dangerous community. She feels thankful to ANF because she now lives in a new home located in a safer zone area with access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities.


Rina and Marilyn

Rina’s youngest daughter, Marilyn, was born with cerebral palsy which made it difficult for her to walk. Their new home is spacious and that has changed Marilyn’s quality of life since she can now move around more freely in her wheelchair. 


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